Want to win an Android Phone? 📱


Hey folks,

We’re running a competition on our Twitter & Instagram to celebrate Android Pay, the prize is an Android phone of your choice up to £1000! :robot:

Check out this Tweet for the details! :iphone:

Android Pay
Tap, Pay & Go with Starling on Android Pay 🤖

I’m iOS :triumph:


How do I win this. I use iOS. :thinking:
Seems a little unfair to exclude some customers from this.


and I use an iPad!


iOS will get some love I am sure :slight_smile:


We got Apple Pay 48 days before they got Android Pay. :sunglasses:

I guess we can’t complain too much! :slight_smile:


A competition for an iPhone 8 for iOS ApplePay users would be fair, then.


Who knows… They may still do that at some point.

It doesn’t really bother me either way. It’s a competition, not a free gift.


Yes, it’s a competition. It’s a competition that excludes some customers but allows others.


That sounds like every competition. There is always entry criteria.

This one is for them, the next may be for us. Does it really matter?

They have just launched Android Pay, and quite rightly they wish to promote it to as many people as possible. This is pure marketing, nothing more, nothing less.

If it’s available to all, it kind of defeats the point.


As a customer it hardly makes me feel included. That’s what I’m saying.


I fully understand that.

I’m sure they will do something for iOS at some point.


Maybe the thinking was that if you had an iPhone already, why on earth would you want an Android :rofl:


I use iOS too, can’t turn to an android I’m
Apple :apple: through and through :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


I noticed that no winner appears to have been announced for this yet despite the T&Cs hinting that it would be done on 20th September?


We’ll have an announcement very soon :slight_smile:


We’ve just announced our winners… Congratulations @dave & @Christopher_Spackman! :raised_hands:


I still haven’t eaten it all yet. I’m working on it though :drooling_face:


Happy to lend you a hand :joy:


Clever :sunglasses:

Well constructed, Dave.