Waitlist for event on 28th


As there was no announcement made here on the forums I missed the event signup, is there any news on those of us on the wait list at all? As really keen to come along and find out about the Business account offering, I’ll take a guess it will launch the same day too, as there’s only 2 days left in the FY.

Given the well known ‘secret’ that FaceBooks business model is selling off everyone’s personal data and location, I hope future announcements can be made here rather than on FB, I for one stopped using FB years ago.


Seems a bit strange not to announce an event on your own community


Hi Martin, I’ve had to cancel my attendance on the 28th, due to something coming up. Take my place if you want, @Patrick is this ok?


I guess it is nice for others who are not on the community to be given an opportunity to attend an event.


Whilst I did know of the event due to the unofficial discussions here (which I unfortunately cannot attend), I have to echo the sentiments about Facebook. I too find it surprising that nothing has been posted here, or sent by email.

I won’t have anything to do with Facebook so, if that becomes the sole channel for announcements, I will likely miss them. Particularly from a business point of view, it surprises me and I would expect a multi-channel announcement strategy to catch as many people as possible.


I wasn’t implying only announce on this community. For the biggest spread it should be the community, Facebook, Twitter, slack etc


I know you wasn’t implying that, Brian :smile:


That’s very kind of you Joe, if that would be possible it would be very much appreciated!


No problem :smile:


Hi all,

On Monday @JamesPratley will confirm the attendance list and send a reminder to anyone who had signed up. If anyone tells us they cannot make it, we’ll release more tickets to those on the waitlist.



Thanks Sarah, I received an invite yesterday from the Waitlist, looking forward to tomorrow evening!


Great event, thanks to everyone at Starling for hosting us, and happy to now be the holder of a new Starling business account!


Any info you can share?


@Brian the event was live-streamed so you can see the recording on our YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0d_lpYQgpLE

Thanks everyone for coming, we had a great evening!


Thanks. General comment around the stream are the sound isn’t great. Even with my phone volume at full I was struggling to hears some people on the mike. Not helped by the “hiss”. Can’t see all of the details on the projector.