Wages paid in to Starling


So as you all know I’ve shut down my legacy bank and fully switched to starling over a month ago, so day after tomorrow my wages are due to go in - will keep everyone updated :smirk:


its great to get notification when your wages come in.


I’m 3 pay cycles in, and no issues yet :slight_smile:


Do salary credits come in to your accounts at midnight?


Mine has done.


Yes for me, nice getting a notification to confirm too, so long as you have Do Not Disturb on so it doesn’t wake you up :wink:


Hi all. I have just switched over from santander to starling looks good so far


I’m just waiting on that second card then I’m switching from my Halifax account :slight_smile:


Good to hear @mmjohnboy I did this myself several months ago.


Yep money went in as expected :blush:


We never doubted it. :wink:

The app may seem a little unfinished, but the Starling platform itself is clearly rock solid. I’m 4 months in, with hundreds of payments (DD, SO, FP, DC) and no issues.

I hope you continue to enjoy Starling.


I glad too see all went well it’s always scary moving banks and hoping your wages go in.


Great to hear! Glad it’s worked as expected.


Haven’t been on here for a while… But small update wages went in as expected = happy customer so glad I made the switch :blush:


Yay! Am glad to hear that. :slight_smile:


Mine went into. Technically I get two because I’m a College but…it’s always nice seeing the big wage go in. Would love a little celebratory notification tho…we all love payday!


Bit of a follow up on this I had my wage paid in today. Came in at 00:03 which was amazing. As I’ve mentioned somewhere because of my shifts this is basically just after I have my tea. It was great to eat and then quickly ping my money about. It was very quick to pay :moneybag: into my various accounts. I also really like how BACS payments have the reference which my legacy account never showed. I was under the impression the BACS payments unlike faster payments didn’t have a ref. Guess they do! :+1:.

Slight bit of feedback though I don’t like how I got a notification through saying “you’ve received £xxxx.xx” I would prefer that this was hidden and the notification just said you have received a Direct Credit or I could set it up so that starling knows this is my employer and the notification just says “ your salary has been paid.” Something to this effect. Apart from that loving the simplicity!


This is such a valid point, and definitely something I will add to our list of ideas. We’ve identified the same sentiment in relation to whether we show our Goals totals on the home screen with the Pulse, generally we’ve heard people like to keep their savings amount more private. Thanks for raising this.