Voting for features


Would it be possible to implement a voting plugin to the community. I already use this on other discourse sites, and it’s very useful as everyone commenting whether they like it or not and giving feedback about it can get very messy, and as a result could get difficult to determine whether members want it.

Members can vote to show they are interested in the idea and would like to see it in a newer version of Starling. The number of votes will appear at the top of the topic page.


I agree that voting would be a good idea.

Although it’s important to remember that the vast majority of Starling customers are not part of this community, and I suspect that most of them wouldn’t be interested in joining the community either. To the vast majority of customers, Starling will just be a new bank with a decent app, real-time notifications, spend reports and decent customer service.

I don’t think we represent the average customer. We clearly consider Starling to be more than just a bank, otherwise we wouldn’t be on here. We probably all have a passion for tech. I think if voting were to be added, it would produce a more accurate result if it were in-app.


Voting would be awesome in-app. We love the community because we are tech geeks :nerd_face: In all seriousness though, I have two family members who joined Starling who would have zero interest in joining the community. Very few people who join Starling will join the community.


Of course I want lots of new community members to help build the best current account.


That’s a good point, Joe. Easy to assume that all Starling customers (we need a label for that, folks) are equally obsessing about the building blocks of our account. They’re not, of course, and don’t need to be. They need only to be beneficiaries of the process.

I’m sure, though, that the energy expended on this forum will serve us all well.


100% agree with what you said. Most people see this as another bank with a fancy app.


Absolutely agree with you. When I joined starling I didn’t have an interest in this community however, I kept seeing the tweets and thought let me check it out.

The majority of starling customers won’t be on the forum but in my opinion that’s what needs to be changed to some extent. The few that are, have the mindset of wanting to have a discussion about certain issues, raise bugs, introduce ideas and give feedback. From what I’ve seen on the community is the Starling team are listening to these views which are helping all customers. Don’t forget this community is still fresh, give it a few months, maybe even a year, and I’m sure we’ll have enough members to make a bigger impact


I have no doubt the community will grow considerably.


Agreed, Zack.
I started with the Monzo community and having taken the decision to go Starling, I was initially frustrated to find no corresponding forum and well chuffed when it was launched (only last month can you believe?). Growing the forum will be gradual but steady I’m sure.

One point to note I reckon: The forum will consist of the full gamut of contributors from fully blown main account holders, through fence-sitters and ‘the very wary’ to folk who’ll be signed up to other banks but are keen to score points at Starling’s expense.

We’ve shown what positive looks like and let’s make that the norm (don’t get caught up in sniping across forums).


I would like voting if possible I find it really helpful to then decide on ideas. This community is great and to agree with @Graham I was disappointed there was no community till month ago. I like to see ideas and feedback and the staff responses.


Remember that for Starling to be successful in the long run it needs to appeal to the mainstream and not be completely driven by the wants/needs/desires of a small percentage of active forum users. That’s not to say that the ideas/feedback are not massively helpful in moving Starling forward but that Starling should prioritise the features that it believes will drive it’s commercial success not those that keep us forum users content. In the long run we all want Starling grow and innovate and that will only be possible if it is a financially sound business.


All very good and valid points, our job is to balance what the community tells us and the insights we gain with an understanding of our wider audience needs.

We will use voting options where there are clear and well defined options to choose from and when a quantitative gauge is needed, but generally it’s your discussion of your actual behaviour and needs that give us the insight to design around (so please keep it coming).