Vote on Starling Business features


Are you planning a timeline for business account features? I wonder which features people would like to see first? The ones I’ve seen mentioned are:

  • Custom Categories for Business, exported in CSV
  • Marketplace support
  • Transaction notes
  • Multi-User Account
  • Multiple accounts (no, not goals)
  • Multiple cards
  • Multiple currencies
  • CSV Export for custom dates
  • Online banking
  • Invoicing
  • Integration with Xero
  • Integration with FreeAgent
  • Other integrations (Quickbooks, Quickfile, Freshbooks etc)

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Tick the ones you’d most like to see.


Custom categories in the lead so far!


Go FreeAgent support! :joy:


:crazy_face: :grin:


Freeagent support pls!


revolut got real time synchronisation into freeagent as their very first integration for businesses. i was amazed. slack was the second.