Visit to Starling HQ


Will there be any opportunities to visit you guys and discuss / test any of the ideas or feedback from the community? If so, I’d be very keen to do that.


I will bring this up when I am back in the office on Wednesday. If a visit to the office is not possible perhaps we could arrange a community event offsite to meet some of you and talk about your experiences with the product and get your ideas.

In the meantime, this is the place to keep doing that!

Leave it with me and the rest of the team.


We’d love that, and we have some plans already in the works so watch this space.


Thanks guys @DanielWebb @sarah.gilbert glad this is a possibility


Any update on this @DanielWebb @sarah.guha ? This would be great, please start hosting community events, Monzo do a great job in this area, community events at their office and also meet ups else where! Now I have a Starling current account (and got 5 friends to also join) I would love to see behind the scenes and yes, be nosey!


Hey! This is something I’m looking into. It would be great to hear what you’d want from a meet up? :slightly_smiling_face:


Free food and drink would be a start! :wink: I would like to get the opportunity to meet the people at Starling who are making it happen, maybe get some sneak peaks at works in progress! :grin: Or some sort of presentations about Starling, roadmaps or just technical discussions some people might enjoy. Plus the chance to meet others in the Starling community who are just currently names in a forum, it would promote and encourage even greater community participation and make the community even stronger! plus the chance to get some Starling swag!!! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
What would you like to see @Joe_Merriman ??


What do you think about inviting contributors to the marketplace @Spencer_Luxford ? Opportunity to find out about products, plus maybe at a later date give feedback…?


Yeah definitely, excellent suggestion @AshleyQuint


I’d certainly appreciate being able to drop in and say hi.
Perhaps over a beer or two.
I mean that’s where all the best ideas come up right?


Yeah, a social evening! A beer or two and a tube of pringles, easy! :beers:


Definetly inviting contributors to the marketplace as @AshleyQuint suggested. I think Tail is great and would love to find out more about their expansion plans for outside of London. It would be great to meet others in the Starling community as well as team Starling and discuss upcoming features etc. Most importantly, have a beer and discuss fintech and everything Starling. Great suggestions @Spencer_Luxford


Like this a lot!


This sounds fantastic, would be up for meeting anyone else into fintech (and beer is always a welcome bet)


Likewise, a meet like this would be extremely interesting and useful.


Having an interest in Fintech this would be great.


Out of interest, if we were to host an event at Starling what would you most like to hear about? What topics are of most interest?


I think all about the marketplace would be a good subject, with some of the companies that will/have been there from the start.

Security in running a bank would personally interest me and maybe the Starling story in a little depth would be a good subject too.


Yeah, as Thom said, about the marketplace would be fantastic and also about Starling the start up, I would like to know how Starling got its name! Also a community event to get to know fellow Starlings would be nice as well. I would definitely like to know more about FinTech and the technologies Starling use or may use like AI and deep learning.


Roadmap, Security, and a little about who is who and what they do.

Lots of time to chat with other community members with a Starling employee presiding as we discuss ideas in groups etc. Crowdsource what is most important to your customers.