Visa Cards


I am wondering if Starling will be offering Visa cards? It would be good even if they are virtual only. currently i get charged on a couple of the websites I use for paying with mastercard.

I understand from talking on the Monzo forum about this topic that Mastercard are more open to talking to challenger banks but as you get a bit bigger is it something that might consider?


I know a few banks that are moving away from Visa, Citi is one that comes to mind as they will be issuing M/C debit cards in the near future in the UK.

I wonder if it is down to the BIN Range why you are being charged as it shouldnt happen, as the starling card is a debit card.


What websites are they?? I sometimes get charged extra for Amex, but never Visa/MasterCard?


My work has a “my offers” page it states that for all mastercards there is a 1.5% fee.


I don’t think it picks up on the fact the it is debit not credit. Which is very unhelpful!


I think if that’s happening you need to report it to Starling and they can investigate why the website is charging you incorrectly.

As it’s a debit card, I don’t think it should make any difference between Visa or Mastercard - it’s probably still related to the ‘BIN’ issue, whatever that is I think it’s the number range was previously allocated to another bank for their credit cards and some databases haven’t been updated?

Just doing a search - here’s something on MoneySavingExpert about this from 2010 when Yorkshire Bank switched to Mastercard Debit cards

They say to contact the bank as the incorrect charge should be refunded.


Thanks for letting me know! I’ve not used the card yet but I’ll check in with this on in app support later on! :grinning:


I noticed Virgin Money switched everyone to Mastercard Debit from VISA Debit for their current accounts!