Visa card problems across Europe



While in some shops this means MasterCard is working and Visa is not, in others neither may work and that is where the merchant’s acquirer utilises the Visa network.


Had a problem in Sainsbury just now - tried Curve (attached to Starling), then Starling directly (both contactless), finally worked with Barclaycard (Visa) using chip and pin


My curve (Mastercard) failed in Sainsbury’s. The underlying Mastercard linked to it used with chip and pin was authorised.


The problem is now intermittent rather than constant so the same card attempted 5 or 6 times may work on one attempt and fail on the others, totally random and unpredictable. Some merchants are reporting a 3% success rate :frowning:


I couldn’t get my contactless to work at all on my curve card (for my joint account - not Starling) but tried Apple Pay and it went through first time…


Sainsbury’s was rammed - queues at every checkout and at the cash points. Felt sorry for staff.


I’ve just paid for footy season tickets for all the family. Visa credit card failed twice, switched to a MasterCard credit card and it went straight through.

This is the reason I always have an Amex, a MasterCard and a Visa card.


Visa worked for me using Google pay about 15 minutes ago


The cashier at Lidl said that mobile payments seemed to be going through fine for them and that it seemed to be just physical cards they were having an issue with. Apple Pay worked for me without issue


Visa have confirmed their operating at near normal level.


Confirmation it was due to a “hardware failure”


Nothing to do with this then?! :wink:


I’d love to know the nature of this hardware failure. A company the size of Visa, you’d expect them to have full resilience.


I was out yesterday with a large group of people, a couple of people I was with had problems with there card, obviously due to the problem with Visa, but I had no problems using my Barclays Visa, I’ve noticed before, and that’s purely because unlike most other banks, Barclays actually operates its own card processing system so doesn’t go through others.


someone tripped over a cable and unplugged something while rearranging some desks, at least that is the rumour

only joking…I am sure that wasn’t the cause!