Virtual cards


How about if I could generate an additional virtual card which I could use via Google Pay or Apple Pay etc, which only exists in the cloud, i.e no actual card. And I could assign this card to pay only from a specific pot. I could then spend the money I’ve saved in that specific pot without having to transfer it back into the main account. In other words I could make my single account into multiple “virtual” accounts keeping my spending money away from my bills etc… I could see this working well if I have saved some spending money for a holiday, when I wish to use it, I just generate a virtual card, assign it to that pot and make it my default in Google pay and away I go.


Sounds like a reasonable idea and similar to what’s been mentioned. The card being assigned to a specific pot is new I think.


I use different virtual cards from revolut on different online shops so I can enable/disable the card when I’m going to buy something. refunds are always accepted though.