Virtual Card


Hi so I lost my card and I have ordered a new one.
However in the app it say’s I have a “Virtual Card” what is this and how do I use it?

I want to make an online payment but I don’t see the card number…can it only be used for Apple Pay via NFC?

Paul S


Hi Paul,

At the moment you can only use Apple Pay (or Google Pay when you aren’t on iOS) when you provision your card.

Some websites and apps have Apple Pay integrated within their payment section so you aren’t limited to NFC payments entirely; but yeah, the most common transactions will be NFC.

Luckily Apple Pay doesn’t have the same £30 limit compared to contactless, but this can vary per merchant :grinning:


and Google Pay, Starling Pay…?


I didn’t have the option to use Google Pay while waiting for my new card.


I use revolut virtual cards to enable/disable payments for a given online merchant or crowdfunding when I want to pay, and usually I let it fail once first to see the amounts and to have better control and security.


Google Pay provisioning is available; I was just addressing Paul seeing as he’s on iOS :slightly_smiling_face:


I used Android before I will never go back it’s nearly as bad as Windows… anyway offtopic!


Thanks Logan. I was not sure which NFC services were automatically populated with new card details when a card was issued and which ones we needed to manually add upon receipt of our card.


No problem. So we have Apple Pay live on iOS and then Google Pay live on Android; so the bases are covered


I ordered a replacement card not so long ago, and didn’t have the option to use Google Pay while waiting for my card. This was only 2 weeks ago.


It was launched on the 31st of May, did you order your card before then by any chance?


Yep, that will be why then.


You could always cancel your card again to test it out :wink:

(but don’t actually)


new cards after testing that are free, right? CPA magic included?


I wouldn’t order a new card just for fun, think of the environment :deciduous_tree:

Next time you need to order a new card you can test it out


I added my business card to Google Pay using in-app provisioning today. Works a treat :slight_smile: