Virtual Card Numbers / Safer Online Transactions


So today I came across Final - I really like what they’re offering and think Starling is in perfect position to offer this kind of functionality as well, thoughts?

Temporary short term card numbers?
Safe online transactions?
Additional card(s) for one account
Starling Credit Card?

I’m pretty sure starling said somewhere they were planning on doing this.


Wow that card is impressive! I’ve heard virtual cards bounded about but didn’t think much of it but looking at this it’s seriously clever


Wow. I was seriously impressed, thought ‘I’ll have some of that’ then read it’s only available in the USA.

What a product though, if Starling were looking to do a credit card wouldn’t this be great.


Doesn’t Revolut have this though? (However you need to pay a one-time fee for each virtual card)


Interesting concept. Rather than having the hassle of generating and deleting new virtual cards why not just have one physical card with a virtual dynamic cvv code?


I currently use my traditional bank’s credit card for my online purchases, since I get the safety of being able to dispute rogue transactions and get my money back.

I really don’t like using my debit card details online.

It doesn’t seem like there are plans for a Starling credit card?

How about at least the ability to generate some “virtual” card details, so that if those details get compromised you can “cancel” that virtual card but your real debit card is unaffected?

In the mean time, what are people doing to get online safety combined with keeping all their transactions tracked in the Starling app?


No, but virtual cards are something we’ve spoken about a lot. The use case your describe is a really valid one, and a concern for many many people. I have no idea where I have used and stored my card online, and the more places it is stored the higher the chance of it being compromised. We’ve looked at single use cards for online use, and as you say virtual cards for when you want to store a card online for say Netflix or Amazon.


I’m all for a virtual card approach .

A great idea for security especially when striving to achieve a non cash environment and encouraging individuals to simply carry a piece of plastic ( or electronic wallet)


That would be great, esp maybe attached to the goals/pots function. As there are a few retailers I trust, so could be assigned one card. Then general purpose another card. Then when/if the general card is compromised, I don’t have to remember/go through all of my online accounts updating details


It’s been around a while I’m sure Cahoot did it many years ago.


Yes! I thought I had seen and used that feature before, many years ago.

Back then I had a Cahoot account, prior to security being compromised, and so it could have been them.

Thank you @Citibadger . It was bugging me :grinning:


Wow. That Final card looks amazing. I can’t believe no one does something like that over here. Would be great if Starling could do something similar.


What about the idea of being able to create a temporary card number and assign a limit to it - so that if you purchased something online and it turned out to be corrupt or you were mildly suspicious of it, your stolen details would not allow anyone to steal your cash.


Cahoot used to do something similar when making purchases online you’d get a unique card number each time you made an online purchase. Not sure what happened to them


They seem to be still going - I only know this as I recently got a load of emails about an account I’d closed years ago, and had to phone up to stop them sending them! They don’t appear to be particularly competitive nowadays, though.


This idea has been around for years and I mean years. Egg offered it the late 90’s. Well before we all had smart phones it was a Windows programme that sat in your system try and allowed you to generate a one time use card number for making internet payments. I always thought I was a great idea and was puzzled why no one else seemed to do it.


Bunq have that and it is a pain. Makes your card unusable when your phone battery is flat.


that does sound like a pain.


That is definitely one of the challenges we came up against when we were giving it thought. Still not ruled out but it definitely is more complex to execute well than you might initially think - lots of edge cases!