Video chat to a customer service professional


Would you ever offer video chat facility to a member of staff which might be an idea for those that want to interact with a person.


I like the idea; although I can’t see many plusses over phoning which is already available?

Personally I’d always choose to call, I’m just not used to video chat and I think I’d even be a little shy. :worried:


On each occasion I’ve needed to speak with CS, it’s been a most +ve experience - speedy response and clear communications. Wouldn’t use it, I think.


An interesting question. Maybe that’s something that can be offered for customers who prefer face-to-face and why not use technology to do this.

BT was pushing video communications when I worked there over 20 years ago. The tech is much better now.

Perhaps a millennial preference though? I don’t want video communication personally.


I prefer live text chat rather than live video chat. I’ve never used the video chat option on my Kindle or the few other companies that offer it.

I don’t have to worry about what I look like to contact customer services that way.


But the idea is to ensure that all needs are catered for.

I know my grandparents would prefer to talk to a real life person than having to try and explain by text what they want to do!


They wouldn’t prefer a conventional phone call?


Thanks for the suggestion @Zack_Carter - I will put it on the list for the team to review :slight_smile:


Also could benefit Business customers who wants to speak to their relationship manager! Lloyd’s tsb offers this service!


Not my cup of tea don’t like idea of video chat. Happy with voice call or live chat. I think we have voice calls is good.


It’s not something I would want to do, but for some it might.