Victim of a Scammer


After all my years of Safe banking I became a victim of a Scammer
In the rush to buy that last item (at a bargain) I let my defenses down and was pursuaded to pay via Fast Payment rather than Credit Card or PayPal
Having noticed my stupid actions I contacted the bank ( within 24 hrs)
The bank stated that it would do everything that it could. They contacted the other parties bank to start an Indemnity Process. :worried:
I learnt that the means of retrieving the funds is entirely in the other parties bank , it is their bank who has that jurisdiction and so is in control of the process
Eventually after weeks of very spurradic feedback I was informed that a cheque was on its way to me.
I recieved £5 back
I lost £895
A very hard lesson to learn but I wanted people to hear how something like this can happen and more importantly how it is enacted upon by the banks
Hopefully my mistake will help but in the meantime I’m moving away from Starling


Hi Clive,

I am sorry to hear you have been a victim of a Scammer.

Thank you for making the Community aware, so that we can all be as vigilant as we can against this type of fraud.

Hopefully you will stay part of the Community.

All the best, Joe.


Sorry to hear that. How were you persuaded? Was this on a web site or in person?


While being tricked out of money is not great. What’s the reason being leaving given any other bank would have been in the same situation if the ability to do anything sits with the receiving bank?

Also what do you think Starling could have done differently (asking again as you didn’t reply in. The other thread about the customer support)


It is a hard lesson and with the benefit of hindsight you can see your errors. I don’t think it is fair to blame a bank any bank without us knowing exactly what the scam was. Was it no goods, goods not as described or just that £900 is far above the sensible value of goods. Customers have to feel that payments received are safe or exactly the sort of scam that happens with PayPal (charge backs for alleged non receipt of goods) will happen.

The lesson for all of us is in being careful and if it sounds to good to be true it probably is.


I’m leaving as I feel quite disappointed with the manner in which I was being communicated with
I had to do a lot of chasing to get answers on what was going on or if anything was actually happening
The mannerism of CS in my personal view is shocking
I cannot help feeling that STARLING did not push that extra mile to help resolve
I cannot help feeling that if the bank responded faster and with a little more urgency we may have recovered more money


Completely understandable that you would walk away after feeling you’ve had a bad customer service experience. My experience has been similar - they were slow to resolve my request and needed chasing.

It will be interesting to see how Starling do in the next MSE bank customer service poll. There should be a new poll very soon.


I fealt that the responses, when they arrived, where very flat and quite uninspiring.
That lead to me believing that this was just another CS action on a large pile of things to do.
It was a lot of money at stake and as such I fealt it warranted a little urgency and drive. Time was of essence but I did not feal that this was necessarily STARLING view.
Sorry to have to say all if this but in my view the proof in the pudding is how one handles problems and issues. It’s not the colour of the app or the number of instant notifications , it’s CS


The bank is fully aware of the item in question and has been fully briefed by me
The scammer was operating on eBay and had by all accounts lots of positive feedback
Several conversation ensued by phone, text, and e mail, which further painted a picture that all was legitimate and in order
Unfortunately onece the funds had been transferred the Scam was revealed


I have had minor (nothing major) grumbles over payment problems which neccessitated contact with Customer Services at both Monese and Starling. There is a clear difference of style in both companies responses. Monese leaves you with a warm feeling, whereas Starling does feel more scripted and formal. Even if they both resolve issues, they need to consider the impact of how something is said rather than just the content of what is said.

The software they use differs too. With Monese you see a profile picture of their staff and any query remains open until resolved. With Starling one problem is if a resolution is not quick their software times out and cuts you off, that can be quite frustrating for customers who may try and reconnect only to have their new contact picked up by different staff.


Thanks all for sharing your experiences. We genuinely do care, and will ensure this is clear every single time you deal with us.


Morning Patrick
No doubt you have read all the above
I would suggest that you may want to look inwards and maybe learn a little from the feedback being offered
We have communicated over this issue and as such my response is as above


We know you care, and my feedback is always meant as constructive observation. I just feel the bank sometimes comes accross differently to how they intended, and sometimes this may be a constraint of their helpdesk system


Mirow has got this spot on


@CLIVE_HADLEY I’m disappointed to hear you got scammed and the manner in which you were dealt.

In terms of the fraud, have you reported the matter to ActionFraud? This may not (probably won’t) Get your money back but it’s inportant that the crime of fraud is reported.

In terms of customer service, I’ve written previously on this community about the customer service from Starling. I feel that there’s an awfully long way for them to go with customer service if they truly want to challenge the established retail banks.

I’ve written, recently, on the Monzo community about the superb customer service experience with Clydesdale. In my experience, their CS is on a par with First Direct. You’re spot on when you say the test is in how thy deal with problems. Clydesdale way exceeded my expectations when they dropped the ball. They put it right and their customer service was first class.

I like the idea of Starling and Monzo. I see what they’re trying to do and it’s interesting but, at the end of the day, it all comes down to customer service. Starling doesn’t cut it. First Direct consistently good, Clydesdale is amazing and NatWest have even been very good recently, as well.


Thanks Clive. I have spent a lot of time working on customer service proceedures, scripts, staff training etc in the insurance industry so it is a subject close to my heart. I also have strong feelings on the use (or not) of customer service bots versus good or bad human customer service.


SUGGESTION This thread is about actions relating to scams, so can we keep subsequent posts in this thread on that theme. Any wider more general discussion on customer service style and systems could perhaps be created under a new topic theme. Thank you


It’s something that needs management support and involvement.
Table top practice !
I would hope that these sort of issues are discussed as a group within the organisation. The responses given have then been reviewed before pushing out to the customer.


I was responding to @CLIVE_HADLEY’s comments on customer service. In respect of the scam I have recommended ActionFraud if he has not done so already. I was not subverting the topic in any way.


Action Fraud was notified within 24 hrs