VeriFone is Down Worldwide


VeriFone is currently down worldwide; I’m currently at work and we can’t accept any payments via card using our VeriFone VX 820’s currently.

Anyone currently having card issues, it’s worthwhile checking firstly if the PIN Entry Device you was using is a VeriFone unit.


To clarify. It is not the terminal software or hardware but their processing service they connect to


On our tills Ocius Sentinel has a no connection icon when attempting to take a payment; it then attempts an offline payment which fails.

Most definitely a processing issue, hopefully it’ll be sorted out fully soon.


Yes, my dad was in Waitrose earlier and they couldnt take card payments.


A number of stores where I worked couldn’t take cards; including a mixture of shops and restaurants.

Must have cost a lot to businesses who had to turn down customers who don’t carry cash. :frowning:


One local independent shop near me gave away stuff on trust in exchange for an IOU!



Time to dust off the zip-zap machine?


I was going to say this. I wish most UK card terminals also just had a deferred authorisation option (where you do the payment as normal but the terminal doesn’t transmit the card data until the connection is back up). Yes there is a small risk that the business will lose out on some money as the card could be declined when the connection comes back up but to be honest most would never even realise that the card machine wasn’t connected. Most Canadian terminals have this option but I haven’t really seen it on European terminals.