Vastly Improved Customer Service


With all of the negative Customer Care feedback recently, and being on the receiving end also, I just wanted to update on an issue I had. After complaining on the thread below, my complaint was dealt with quickly and efficiently by @LoganAllan and @alexandra with a satisfactory result.

Today, I received a handwritten note of apology and a little gift. This is the type of service that makes the world of difference. As a customer this makes me feel valued and gives a nice warm feeling.

I think Starling are swiftly sorting out any issues that have been highlighted recently. They’re nimble and respond and react quickly - the speedboat in comparison to the ocean liner (traditional bank). I can only vouch for myself, but I feel more confident now than I did a few months ago that they’re are most definitely the right choice for my banking needs. I’ve just switched now I have our joint account and whilst I sometimes are a little critical of things not being perfect, when you stand back and look at what’s been done, it’s pretty amazing the ground that’s been covered and the pace of the changes and innovation.

Great job Starling! Keep up the brilliant work!

Customer Service & Root Cause Analysis

Thanks for sharing you experience @Ad13 - that’s really positive to hear. I will admit, the negatively on here did nerve me a few weeks back, but even on the forum alone, I’ve noticed an improvement recently.

Although, I’m jealous of the socks! :open_mouth:


That’s great news :+1:


This is good to read! enjoy the socks!


The socks are cool I own a pair.


I think they should be issued to anyone who makes a full switch and has their salary paid in. In fact I’d be up for some pants too. As long as they’re white. No G-strings mind.:wink:


Put me down for a G-string. Size XXXL. The G String i mean, not the contents…


I used the live chat functionality on the app last week, regarding an error with the spending circle. It was quickly resolved, and the operator couldn’t have been more efficient & polite. 10/10 customer service!


Further to this discussion - I’ve just had to call Starling Customer Care after being asked to do so by chat. This is the first time I’ve had to do this in almost 12 months. It was 07:00am on Saturday morning.

With the recent negative feedback, I felt like I should report my experiences back to the community.

The call was answered within 30 seconds and my question was dealt with immediately and the Starling representative was really friendly and professional. The tone was less stuffy than traditional scripted banks, but I have zero issue with how I was dealt with this morning. This puts some of my slight reservations at ease.


I’ve just instigated a full switch from my NatWest Current Account which I currently have my wages paid into. So come on @StarlingSupport …I really need (read want) those socks!


The socks are comfy


You just had do add insult to injury for those of us who are Starling sockless eh? It’s not enough just to have them, but we have to hear of the comfyness too… :roll_eyes::laughing:


So who do I complain to, to receive a pair of socks?


I’ve emailed customer services 3 times and am still waiting for a reply. The live chat sorted the issue. I found it rather disappointing when replies arrived promptly in the past.


While Starling does have a way to go for cs. I had a positive experience just now.

As part of of an issue I reported earlier. The cs agent said they keep an eye on things on their side. Several hours later just got a message from them noticing the issue has improved and asked me to confirm if everything was ok now. Credit where credit due that is good service.

Starling the product is great and if they can get the cs right it will be fantastic. Today they did well for me.


I’ve been critical of the CS, so it’s only fair when I share the good news as well (although it’s tinged with a little cynicism).

After contacting CS last Thursday with the “PIN” issue (to be told that they didn’t know the cause of the issue, or what was being done, and as it was late at night, no one was around to speak to), I’ve just had a message from Starling CS checking to see if everything was fine.

They highlighted the fact that they had seen my messages on the forum, and that I’d since tried the card/pin combo, which had worked fine (something I also highlighted on the forum last week).

Ultimately, they were just “checking in” to make sure I was OK - Which, despite the failings elsewhere, is nice to see.

So credit to Callum, and Starling for this :+1:


@nickhoward @tim7 - this is really positive to see. I have been a bit weary of using Starling as a main bank, but moves like this gives me a bit more confidence.

Thanks for sharing both!


Just had to contact in-app chat for a (very straightforward) issue and i have to say it was dealt with perfectly. Couldn’t have asked for any more. No wait for a reply whatsoever, Luca who i dealt with couldn’t have been more helpful, answered my query straight away, complete 10/10.

I also had to contact Monzo with the same issue, and they were slower to reply and less forthcoming with my issue. Not unhelpful at all, but i had to ask them, whereas Luca at Starling actually suggested without me asking, if that makes sense. Great, but 9/10 since slower and less pro-active.

Just wanted to feed this back @StarlingSupport, credit where it’s due, I couldn’t have asked for more.


I’ve been very impressed with @LoganAllan and @Callum lately, always had first class CS from those 2. It’s definitely improving. It just needs a bit more work on product knowledge and information sharing internally and it will be much better.


Further to my post yesterday, i’ve just had a followup message from Sian at Starling to let me know my query has been actioned and to contact them if i needed anything else, 24hrs after my original contact when they solved my issue. Over and above what i was expecting! Way to go guys, I’m really impressed @StarlingSupport! :grinning::grinning::grinning: