Using the forum - advice


(Couldn’t find another place for this. Please relocate it if I’ve missed an existing thread).

OK - When doing so would aid clarity, how can I quote from another post, please?
I’d rather that than attempt to paraphrase the original poster.


Hi Graham, I’m new to this forum and this application and I’m interested in your question so I’m gonna try an experiment - bear with me! I’ve used the link icon (which is the one after the heart on the bottom of the post) and it seems you get the option to cut and paste the link or start a new topic with it. I’m going to try linking to one of your previous comments, let’s see if it works:


That seemed to work, did it do what you were thinking you wanted to do? I just cut and paste the link into my reply and it made it look properly linked once I posted it. Also if you go to your comment that I linked, it shows a link to this thread too, ensuring you can follow all relevant dialogue. That’s pretty neat!

Also it seems you can highlight someone’s actual text (as if you were going to cut and paste it) and the option “Quote” pops up.


Excellent @Alan - nicely done. I’m all over it now.