Using Starling in Vietnam πŸ‡»πŸ‡³


Has anyone any experience with using Starling in Vietnam please.


Be aware most places will not take card so it’s good to locate ATMs to use beforehand!

Most ATMs will charge fees or have low limits and a lack of stock for low-denominations.

Three banks offer decent-sized withdrawal limits:
Military Bank (MB)
VP Bank

90% of places won’t take card.

Cash is king, so withdraw cash from an ATM.

Always check the ATM to make sure it has not been tampered with, and check around before taking out cash to make sure there is noone dodgy hanging around.

Expect a fee of between 20k to 50k VND per cash withdrawal.

Pay in VND at all times. USD may be asked for but the official currency is VND and you will get the best exchange rate that way.



Many thanks for the prompt response and information which is greatly appreciated.

I’ll share my experiences when I return!


Another very fulsome report. Most helpful for our travellers.


While cash is king in Vietnam and my recommendation is that Dongs are used the Starling Card was widely accepted in hotels, many restaurants and outlets in the tourist areas.
Can’t use cards to access the various Govt sites eg Ho Chi Minh Museum, Reunification Palace etc etc etc but the admission fees are not more than the equivalent of Β£2 each.
Had to use a remote ATM rather than a bank sited one and the fee wasn’t too bad!


Currently in Vietnam and found that Citibank offers β‚«8,000,000 withdrawals, their fee is β‚«60,000. HSBC also does 8 million withdrawals but costs β‚«160,000.
Citibank gave mostly β‚«500,000 denomination notes, but also some β‚«50,000 and β‚«20,000
Haven’t tried MB, VP or SeA as yet