Using Starling in the Ukraine 🇺🇦


A new Starling user is interested in feedback and tips from any Starling users who have used their Starling card in the Ukraine. Feel free to post any useful advice here. Thanks.


I didn’t use the card there yet, but from past experience I think the locking options in the app might become quite useful in worst case. A while ago one of my cards was copied while I was there and a few days later used in Thailand for ATM withdrawals. I didn’t notice anything odd on the machines I used, but it still happened. Therefore, locking the card during times you are not withdrawing money yourself might be a useful feature to have there.

I was lucky though - my bank caught the unusual behaviour straight away + locked the card. The annoying part though was the need for filing a police report + waiting for a new card. Luckily though, I always bring a spare one on my trips.


I’m sure I used mine in Kiev and it was fine, but it might have been Monzo pre paid…but its the same processor so again I think its find. I can confirm, there are no ATM’s in Chernobyl.

I’m going Odessa and Lviv in a couple of months so I can report back t hen. :slight_smile:


is that because the area around the reactor leak/explosion is still sealed off?


Enjoy your time in Одеса and Львiв!


When you say it like that, it actually makes me wonder, there must be somewhere to take cash out for the employees?


Unless their employers hand out cash to them, perhaps like the NatWest mobile bank which drives to a village once a week?