Using Starling in the Czech Republic 🇨🇿


Off to Prague soon and I’m hoping the lack of an existing topic is a good indication that all is well!

I’ll report back on my return…


Have you been before? Fantastic place! I’ve been a few times, love going back. Have a great time :+1:t2:


Yes, been three times (last time was my honeymoon). Now a chance to take the family :slight_smile:

Looking forward to seeing the place again and also finding how Starling will make life easier!


I’m here (In Prague) right now. No problems with acceptance from my point of view.

Some merchants (not many in my experience) only accept cash.


No problems encountered - Only benefits! We found some restaurants that only took cash but they were generally close enough to a bank to use an ATM (One even had an ATM in the courtyard). Many terminals allowed the card to be used contactless but sometimes needed a PIN entered as well (Probably down to the transaction value but I didn’t note this)

All the ATMs I used offered either a fixed exchange rate to then charge my account in £ or just to use CZK and get whatever your bank offers - No guesses needed for what I did! It’s really sad but it was great to get an instant value displayed on my smartwatch when I drew cash out that showed the savings made! For example, drawing out 4000 CZK would have cost me £153 if I’d taken the machine rate but the Starling conversion meant it was only £135 - Quite a saving!

I haven’t moved my banking over to Starling so I’d transferred my budgeted holiday spending money into the account - Very easy to then keep track on the app :slight_smile: