Using Starling in Sweden 🇸🇪


Recently went abroad to Sweden, yeah that country that verging on going paperless. Took my starling card with me of course - worked like a charm.

Noticed that whilst I could only get 3G out there, but found (oddly) that notifications appeared faster than they did in the UK!

Just wanted to put it out there that card worked great over in Scandinavia.

Could probably mention some of the places used (see below), it’s a very Stockholm-centric list. Anyone who gets info about using Starling further out from the capitol, would be interesting to contrast.

  • Stockholm Ferry Services
  • Hemkop (supermarket)
  • Skansen (Amusement park)
  • Metro system
  • Nordic Museum
  • Stockholm City Hall
  • Various restaurants


Good news, thanks Mike.


I had no issues with 4G in Sweden a couple of weeks ago. I was using Monzo but it was whilst in Sweden I discovered and applied for Starling. I was able to set up a new Starling account in minutes whilst abroad. First Direct wouldn’t let me set up ApplePay because I wasn’t physically in the UK. :grimacing:

No issues using Monzo anywhere. Only issue was the Västtraffik app that just would not accept any debit or credit card issued in UK. :slightly_frowning_face:


What network are you on?

Just had a lovely weekend in Stockholm. No paper cash spent at all. For such a cashless country, it surprised me when a barman in a hotel had never seen anyone pay by phone before. He did like the instant notification for the amount.



Did wonder whether it’s a setting I’ve not enabled as a trip to Austria a few weeks later lacked 4G too


Only EE and Vodafone support 4g roaming at present, I believe.