Using Starling in Spain 🇪🇸


Tried using Starling in Spain at a Carrefour petrol station. Not supported unfortunately. This was after trying to use Revolut and this was also rejected. Had to fall back on a credit card in the end. A bit concerning if they hope people will ditch their legacy bank.

Will be keeping existing bank for now until problems like this are ironed out.

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Starling in Benidorm

Sorry to hear of this @YellowandGreen. I’ll pass this information back to the team!


That’s a useful piece of information. I’m heading to north Spain on a motorcycle trip in 2 weeks, so I’m going to be hammering the starling card at petrol stations. Carrefour is a frequently used one by me.


Does the Starling app give a welcome when you get to another country, to show it knows you are there and give exchange rate details etc? I believe Monzo do this, from what I’ve seen online. Also, does Starling give a travel summary upon returning home? Thanks.

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Tried to use my Starling Card to draw cash from a Santander Bank ATM (not remote ATM) in Noja though there was a 5euro charge. Didn’t make the withdrawal but can’t understand why a mainstream Bank would make this charge.

If it’s any consolation there would have been a charge if I’d used my Monzo card.


Also tried in a Kuxtabank ATM again not a remote machine and got the ATM version of “you must be joking”!

If it’s any consolation I was also unsuccessful with my Monzo Card.


Card worked in Caixa Bank.


Santander tried to charge me 5 euros when I was In Spain I went and used caxia bank instead. I think it’s Santander which doesn’t supirse me.


I had the same experience with Santander, which tried to charge me €5 to withdraw cash, so I stopped. In the end, I used the Caixa and there was no fee and no hassle. Rather a large and groovy ATM too with about three screens!

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Card generally working ok in Tenerife. Have had a declined ATM transaction at Caixa Bank. Card payments all fine. Transaction data is non existent. Have one transaction map telling me i’m In France.


Make sure you pop over to the Merchant Data thread to help Starling out with that:


Hi Everyone!

I haven’t been in Carrefour for a while , so I am not sure about it now, but some of them sometimes doesnt accept Mastercards ( ours , monzo are all mastercards)

Unless UK , Many small and many greedy banks always make you pay a fee if you do not use their own debit/credit cards , is not Starling / Mastercard issue here.
Is just how Spanish ATM works. (Always check different Bank if they are making you pay fee , and if
are asked to charge in Euros or Pounds , always select Euros. ( all Spanish Bank exchange rate are pretty bad)

Usually Caixabank (Catalan Bank ) and BBVA (Basque Bank )are the ones less likely to incur on fees while taking cash from their ATM’s.

Regards and enjoy Spain :smiley:


Have used my Starling card extensively over the last couple of days in Tenerife, essentially the first time I have really tested it abroad (Mauritius was all inclusive so I really didn’t need anything). Used it in an ATM, shops, restaurants and no problems at all (as it should be!). :es:


Unfortunately, there are currently 3 ATM networks in Spain and recently, fees have been introduced to draw Cash if one is not a Customer of that Bank. It is now virtually impossible to draw Cash without paying a fee anywhere in Spain and the Islands. The fees apply not only to domestic cards but cross border cards now too!

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I took some money out in Spain the other week in Palma at …I forget thr bank name…BVM…or something.

It said it won’t charge me anything but it will charge Starling 62 cents for the 100€ I think.

Sorry… :grin::open_mouth::worried:


Both the ATM’s I used didnt say anything about charges. Should add I only needed cash for taxis.


Currently in Spain and using my Starling Card. I’m always a little worried the first time I use a new card abroad and like to make an early visit to an ATM.

Santander - 5€ flat fee.
Sabadell - charge based on amount you take out. ( It was about .60 cents per 20€)

Telebanco ATM in Banco Popular - NO CHARGE.
Caixa bank - NO CHARGE.

Not had any issues with contactless or android pay in shops & restaurants either.


I’m currently in Tenerife with my wife. We’ve both used Starling exclusively, apart from cash in the odd place that doesn’t take cards. We’ve had no issues at all, including paying for the hire car. Android Pay has worked flawlessly too.


Just returned from a week in Tenerife and using Starling for the first time. Used it in a variety of locations with no issues. Initially got a Starling account for travel as it appeared to be a good way to keep track of spending, however now looking to see how Starling can improve my own internet/online banking experience. Impressed at the speed of notification of spend as this was received even before receipt and goods had been handed over.


Glad you like it, Jim. Agree that instant notification thing is a buzz :grinning: