Using Starling in South Africa ๐Ÿ‡ฟ๐Ÿ‡ฆ


Not much to say except that it works like a charm.

Used in a FNB (First National Bank) ATM in Paarl today.

Not used to pay at POS yet - SA seems to still prefer cash for smaller transactions and contactless seems pretty non existent.


SAlso used Chip and Pin In Woolworths in Franschhoek - no issues and good rate. Again no contactless offering - doesnโ€™t seem at all prevalent in SA as per my previous post.


I was in SA in February and would agree that contactless doesnโ€™t seem to exist. Used my Starling a lot and it worked faultlessly.

At ATMs, they mostly charge a fee for withdrawals - 50 Rand a pop. From memory, Standard Bank, ABSA, and FNB all charged and only Nedbank was free.


Yep - I only used Nedbank to make the 2 withdrawals I needed.


Just to jump on this; ATMs in South Africa charge you per R100 (100 Rand) withdrawn. Seeing as your card was seen as a foreign card it surcharged the initial fee to about 400% per R100. The horrible thing is, foreign doesnโ€™t mean international, foreign means not native to that bank; so if you were to use a Standard Bank card at an FNB ATM, you would incur the same charges.

Welcome to the wonderful world of banking in South Africa


When you used the Nedbank ATMโ€™s, were they the machines attached to the banks or affiliates at petrol stations or shopping malls?


Nedbanks I used were one inside Paarl Mall and one outside a branch in Riebeek-Kasteel.


They were in malls.


Thanks all. I used the Nedbank machines in the Mall of Africa. I was not charged for using these so its definitely worth remembering for next time.