Using Starling in Republic of Ireland ๐Ÿ‡ฎ๐Ÿ‡ช


Just had a layover in Dublin airport, Starling was accepted normally. I liked how I even got the merchant logo after a few seconds but still no map pin :confused:

Also, I used Apple Pay and worked like a charm so extra points for that :slight_smile:


Great to hear :slight_smile:



I am off to Dublin this weekend and was hoping to go โ€˜Full Starlingโ€™ - use as little cash as possible when out and about.
Has anyone got any experience on how Dublin can handle contactless payments in bars and pubs etc?

I had a great experience in London recently rarely using cash and Edinburgh where I live is not quite as up to speed so was just wondering if anyone had any views on Dublin?



Use it every time I go to Ireland on business. Works equally as well as it does at home. Iโ€™ve never encountered any problems. And Iโ€™ve used it much further afield than Dublin in remote locations out in the sticks.


Cheers Adrian! This is my first foreign trip with my card so hoping to use it as much as I can :clap:t3: