Using Starling in Poland 🇵🇱


Just returned from a work trip to Kraków in Poland, and no issues using Starling at the Hotel, Airport or with Uber.

I used my card with the vending machine in the office for a 2am snack, and expected it to fail, but no it worked to my surprise :grinning:

Great Rate at Polish ATM's

Thanks mozzauk that’s good to know, I plan a trip to Poland in October.


For 500PLN (Polish Zloty) from an ATM we were getting charged approx. £105-£106 - if we had allowed the conversion to take place on the ATM machines we were getting quoted £120ish which saved us approx. £15 per £100 cash withdrawal. We also had no problem whatsoever using Starling Cards as contactless payment cards during our trip to Wroclow and Gdansk. It even worked great at automated ticket machines for buses and trams.


Hi @borelandn

Great news. As we have a Poland thread, I’ll ask @JamesPratley to relocate your report. :+1:


Just returned from 2 weeks in Poland. Used Starling almost everywhere in both Krakow and Zakopane. Accepted by hotels, restaurants, Uber, bars, museums and tourist attractions.
We did use cash dispensers and spent time seeking out the better deals. There are countless Euronet terminals at nearly every tourist attraction and on many streets. They offer a terrible rate (c. 4.2 PLN :£1 plus a commission fee) while we found the Bank of Poland ATM’s charged no commission and gave a rate of 4.89 PLN.