Using Starling in Norway 🇳🇴


Recently back from a trip to Norway, first time leaving the UK with no cash already changed to local currency. Smooth experience everywhere. Norwegians seem to use card more than cash so everywhere had contactless card readers. Cash withdrawal worked a treat.

Unfortunately the price of beer doesn’t change whether you use cash or card!


Great feedback - thanks George!


I travel to Norway all the time. It’s a nearly cashless society, so I can’t even remember the last time I actually needed cash!


I’d agree with all of this - like the rest of Scandinvia, it was possible to get by without ever seeing cash most of the time. There were still a few coin operated things (mainly luggage lockers) that I saw, so they’re prehaps a little behind Iceland, but generally, card all the way, and no problems with Startling.

I also had my first contactless and PIN transaction in Norway. It was a bit of a surprise, but better htan having to re-insert the card for secondary authentication, and it worked a treat, so great work there! I hope we see that in the UK before too long, as I often don’t end up in places where mobile phones aren’t permitted, so Android Pay and similar often aren’t an option for me!


My first experience of that was in Germany when paying for a hotel. The contactless pad was built into the check in counter and the number keys just next to it. Baffled me initially!


First use of my Starling card at an ATM in Norway (Torp airport). Flawless process with no ATM charges and superior rate to pre ordered cash. Previously came armed with a now discontinued Travelex preload Globe card but my Starling card is superior in every respect. Next up is Laos!