Using Starling in Nepal 🇳🇵


I’ve just got back from a few weeks in Nepal using my Starling card. For the most part I was using it to withdraw cash but used it a few times in shops/hotels.

Everything worked fine from Starling’s side, but I had a couple of issues. Firstly, not all ATMs work with Mastercard - this wasn’t really a problem as it just meant trying a few ATMs until we found one that supported Mastercard. Secondly, most ATMs providers charged a fee for making withdrawals which was a pain (this ranged from about £2.50 to £3.50), again this is out of Starlings hands.

No issues when using the card to pay for things in shops.



ATMs charge a flat fee for international card withdrawals which ranges between 500 to 750 Rupees (which about USD 6.00) Therefore withdrawing larger amounts less often is more cost effective.


Yeah, that’s what I did in the end.

I managed to find one ATM which ‘only’ charged 390 rupees :grinning: