Using Starling in Morocco 🇲🇦


Hi everyone! I’ve just been on an incredible long-weekender in Marrakech with my family to celebrate my 21st. Obviously, my Starling card came with me and I just wanted to say that it worked perfectly! I actually surprised my Dad with the exchange rate + no charges.

Not many places seemed to take card in the old town, but there’s plenty of banks with ATMs so it’s not a problem to just withdraw some Moroccan Dirham and pay in cash. Just be careful, as Moroccan Dirham is a closed currency - so when you’re leaving Morocco it’s best to trade it in at the airport before you go past security.

Here’s a picture of the markets just off the Medina. If you’re thinking of going - you absolutely should! :cactus:


Great photo! hope you had a great time?


Pleased you had a great time! Love Marrakech. (Currently in Tenerife!)


I had a wonderful time thank you! :beers:


Hi all, just back from Morocco where I used my new Starling card and it was very useful as the Moroccan Dirham is a restricted currency. The card worked fine most of the time. It was fine in hotels and I was able to get cash from ATMs from banks: Credit Agricole and Attijariwafa Bank. The ATMs of banks BMCE and Banque Populaire seemed to be asking additional questions and taking an extremely long time to respond, so I cancelled the transactions just to be safe. Also the card didn’t work at Tangier Airport at Global Exchange store, so it may be useful to have some cash at your local currency (especially if it’s USD, GBP or EUR) when entering the country.