Using Starling in Malaysia 🇲🇾


Has anyone used in Malaysia? I’m due to go this month for 3 weeks, will provide my feedback while there or when back. Just interested if anyone has, don’t think they have much contact less there so likely to rely on the card.


There were some contactless terminals where I was in Penang and Langkawi.

MCards widely accepted in most larger stores. Watch out for DCC in some places and ATMs. Some ATMs charge a fee on cash withdrawsals I alwsy try to use Maybank ATMs.

Man small traders don’t accept cards and it’s not uncommon to find supermarkets that have a minimum spend of RM50 or RM100.

For fuel try to use Petronas as they have modern pay at the pump terminals.


Nice reply from @Tony_Bird, DCC being Dynamic Currency Conversion. Wherever possible, avoid DCC by choosing to be charged in local currency, so you get the significantly better Mastercard rate.


Malaysian cards have s 6 digit PIN. I did find a couple of merchants where the terminal was not configured to accept a 4 digit PIN.


@Tony_Bird Adding two 0s onto the end usually works or just press enter 3 times (without entering your pin at all) and it’ll bypass the PIN and get you to sign.


Thanks for replies, I’m likely to only use my account when I want to take out cash at an ATM. I know of Maybank and think my wife’s (Chinese Malaysian) family banks with them too. We will be traveling to Kuching as that’s where they live and according from her brother they don’t really have contactless there yet, so I think same can be said for anywhere in East Malaysia.

Guess I just don’t want to use my Starling card over there and it be robbed off me by the machine as I don’t intend to leave the UK with cash in pocket.

Many Thanks for feedback, will have it all saved into a Google Keep note just in case :stuck_out_tongue: