Using Starling in Jersey (Channel Islands) πŸ‡―πŸ‡ͺ


Absolutely no problems to report here. :slight_smile: Had a nice weekend with no card issues!

Male/female/non gender

Yay, that’s always lovely to hear a great weekend and no card issues to boot.

Thanks for adding information on this. :slight_smile:


hello can anyone confirm if anyone from jersey channel islands can use stirling bank?


Hi @Christian_Spirit_Tra, I’d recommend starting a separate thread or finding one more suited to what you’re asking so it gains the right focus as this isn’t really anything to do with Gender.


@JamesPratley - can you relocate the Channel Islands query please?

Thanks, @Chalky


Hi @Christian_Spirit_Tra - I’m afraid we’re unable to onboard customers with a Jersey address at the moment. Thanks!


Yup your fine of your from The UK but if you live in Jersey they won’t issue you one-shame!