Using Starling in Hungary 🇭🇺


I am off to Hungary :hungary: over the weekend for a family visit. This will be my first trip with Starling.

Just wondering, has anyone experienced any issues in Hungary with Starling card (acceptence etc…). Any tips?


Most ATMs are magstrip rather than chip, but card acceptance is high and I doubt you will have any major problems. If doing a contactless transaction of HUF 5000 or above it will probably ask for a pin (that is contactless and pin, you will not need to insert card if it asks for pin when doing contactless).


Cheers @MIROW I’ll try to post my findings on my return.


Have a great time. I enjoyed the food and architecture and found the people friendly.


I go there every year at least twice (Family) :slight_smile:

This will be the first time I will rely on Starling there though hence looking for advice.


Hi, did this all work out alright? I’m heading off to Hungary at the weekend and can’t find much info online about using Starling.


Hey sorry forgot to update. So it was all good for me. I used in easyJet, BA and at loads of places with Android Pay or Chip n PIN.
If you are going stay in Hungary for few days I would recommend getting this App from Hungarian Bank, OTP.

You can register with your Starling card and then with this App you can pay for parking :parking: , motorway :motorway: tolls, Cinema :cinema: and also can use as an additional contactless payment App. This has some other features as well but didn’t get time to use all on offer.


Great tip…thanks for your contribution