Using Starling in Greece 🇬🇷


Used at POS for £70+ & was contactless. They ask you to put pin & flash on terminal so a mixed bag. Rate not bad - €1.11
Using in ATM shortly.


Using in Zante. No probs with payments, chip & pin or contactless. ATM withdrawals ok if you stick with MasterCard approved machines. Eurobank ATM’s try to force you to take their exchange rates then go out of service when you decline. Most impressed so far and have not needed any other payment card.


I’ve used the card in Greece last month, all smooth, ATMs do try to force you to get their rates, never go for that. Rate at the time was £1 = €1.13 :see_no_evil:


Hi all, just back from Greece. Starling card worked just fine on all ATMs and stores I used it. I’m reiterating that you indeed get a much better rate if you decline the exchange rate offered by the local ATMs - just select “exchange in your own currency” (on a withdrawal of €300, the rate was better by almost €20!). Also, avoid using the Athens Airport ATMs as in my case they didn’t include an option to use the card’s exchange rate and their rate offered was much lower.