Using Starling in Croatia 🇭🇷


Hello all - off to Croatia next week.

Any tips gratefully received - is it possible to go “cashless” in Croatia or is cash still pretty much king? We will be in and around Zagreb.

Thanks in advance.


If you dare, there’s some experiences in Croatia of Monzo card users. In the absence of informed posts here, take a look. Not sure how much difference one should expect between the two overseas now (except the ATM restrictions are less for Starling of course).


There are plenty of ATMs and they seem to happily accept UK cards from any bank. Many places take cash only.

As for sending international payments to Croatia, it should be noted that not all Croatian banks are part of the SEPA payments network.


I go croatia quite a bit.

places take card - but i found myself using cash a lot.

last year in Split…well Trogir…the hotel only took cash which surprised me and involved a lot of faffing around on the last day :slight_smile:


Thank you all. Will report back how I get along… :slight_smile:


@Simon_Harrison I spent a long weekend in Split late last year. I used my Starling card there in ATMs as well as restaurants and small shops. No problems at all. Cards seemed to be universally accepted.