Using Starling in Canada 🇨🇦


Looking at Starling mainly for ATM withdrawals, any tips for avoiding fees?

Something near Niagara Falls would be utopian as will be arriving from upstate New York. But can bring enough cash from the UK to last until we reach Toronto…

Thanks in advance.


Just pay by card as much as possible. I was in NYC for 4 days last month and only spent the $60 cash I took with me and to be fair that was just because I didn’t want to bring it back!


I agree with the above poster. Pretty much everyone in Canada takes card (even vending machines and parking meters), the vast majority of places being contactless. Just remember to say Credit when using the card (As debit is just for domestic Interac cards). In fact cash be can be inconvenient as many places only have one cashier point that takes cash with all the other ones being card only. Cash also isn’t usually an option at automated kiosks, multi story car parks (called Parkades in Canada) or tolls (although remember the US tolls on the otherside of the border are usually cash/EZ pass tag only). Also our lowest dominated coin is 5c so cash transactions are rounded up, so you end up paying more.

A lot of petrol pumps will tell you that international cards aren’t accepted and you’ll have to go inside and pay first but in reality you can use a UK credit or debit card at the pump, what they really mean is that US cards aren’t accepted at Canadian pumps (as US cards require a signature).

They’re aren’t any free ATMs in Canada (the price will range from 3$ to 5$ per withdrawal), us Canadians can only withdraw from our own banks ATMs for free.


Thanks for the detailed write up, a great contribution.