Using Starling in Belgium πŸ‡§πŸ‡ͺ


Surprised to see there was no topic for using Starling in Belgium.

I’m back off the Belgium in a fortnight. Last time I went (last year) was before I got Starling and so I have no experience of using Starling in Belgium. But my other banks cards were fine, so I’m not expecting any issues with Starling.

Hopefully someone else has some experience of using Starling in Belgium to share? If not, I will update upon my return.


Yep. Been to Belgium and used the card extensively. No issues at all.


Recently back from a cycle tour through Belgium / Netherlands / Germany and France. Starling Debit Mastercard is fine in all four countries. No issues getting money out of ATM’s in any of the countries.
Some issues in smaller retailers. Some would not accept card at all which is always annoying but unusually we came across a few that would not accept Mastercard in Belgium and Netherlands. No problem in larger retail stores -e.g. Lidl and Aldi with an exception of two Aldi stores in France that rejected my card (mobile or card) when used for contactless payment with a date error!!! but accepted the card when inserted into the machine.
And one other issue occurred when Mastercard had issues and we had to revert to Euro cash payment at an ibis hotel. After initially telling me it was my card, the receptionist remembered someone else had problems earlier and shortly after that I received a starling notification of Mastercard clearing problems.