Using goals to save for regular bills


Hey there guys,
I have very recently joined Starling, and was wondering if you could help me find this feature if it exists. I am looking for a goals feature, that will tell me how much I need to save monthly to keep on target with a goal. For example, I pay for car insurance yearly, it would be nice to know how much I would need to save a month for this goal, and, if I’m off target, how much extra I need to save.
Thanks for your time!


Hi @JoshW,

Welcome to Starling!

This feature doesn’t exist currently, though I know other people have requested this. What you can do is set a target equal to your annual premium, then as you add money to the goal you’ll see a visual representation of how far you have to go. (The bar at the bottom fills up.)



Hi @JoshW


Why not set the goal at the annual premium, and have a monthly payment into it equal to 1/12th (ie the monthly cost). That way you’ll at least cover the current year’s motoring.

Clearly you can’t set a goal to meet next year’s premium 'cos you don’t know what it’ll be, but if you take this year’s and add a few quid, you’ll be on the right lines…
…(unless I’m missing something of course :flushed:)


That’s what I’m going to do I think, so thanks for your help! It just sucks that I can’t see where I am every month, and if I need to miss a month on some goals, then it’s a bit annoying to not know how much I need to add to catch up, I know I can work this out manually, but it’s just an extra step.
Thanks again!