Update Vendors


Perfect. The Layered Back one has the correct logo now. Ravensworth Arms is still pulling the Chef & Brewer logo though.

Barclays has been updated


It’s a good idea! Would give you a visual indication if it’s pending review or completed/rejected


That’s right @LoganAllan, it is a Chef & Brewer pub :slight_smile:

Thanks very much :+1:t2:


Ah ok, I’ll delete and re-add the logo, that’ll force it through


I think pending or showing rejected when you submit logos is a great idea.


Also how about a comment box in addition to providing a web link? Just sometimes you may want to provide more information to help Starling when updating a merchant.


A glamorous evening meal while working away.

The address should be; Tower Fields Leisure Park, St Peters Road, Huntingdon, PE29 7EG.

Thank you. Please.


I occasionally put a direct link to an image in the “Web page” box. I wonder if we could put notes in there to help too, or if the whole thing gets turned into a link automatically?


And maybe it would be great to attach a copy of the suggested logo directly to the ‘Improve’ area. This would also work where logos either are difficult to find or not freely available. This might even reduce the amount of resource required at the Starling end.


Would be great to have a submission improvement status when submitting logos and name changes.

The improvement system is very random at the moment. Whilst it is fantastic that @LoganAllan has been pushing people’s requests through so quickly. The in-app updates is very hit and miss

I’ve got suggestions I made weeks ago that haven’t been implemented. It’s understandable the Starling team is busy, but it’s a bit of a frustration. I don’t want to keep hassling the team.

I think farming out suggestion to the community to resolve, maybe in app is a great idea. Often part of the merchant address is pretty accurate. If a suggestion is made that is in very close proximity to Google address data there should be a high probability of it being accepted. Same for the merchant names. I’d certainly be willing to spend a few mins a day approving suggestions. Don’t Facebook have something similar for “business/places” improvements.


@StarlingSupport Do you have a back log of vendor improvements at the moment?


Slightly interesting one here. Logged in app already, just taken out cash in Brussels (at the station)… and Starling thinks it was in Bangkok, Thailand.


Hey @LoganAllan, any chance you could replace the logo on a DD for me? It’s for my season ticket, which goes through Zebra Finance but actually shows up like this…


Hey @SimonHume

Would you like it to display as Zebra Finance or R Raphael?


Zebra Finance please! Thanks :slight_smile:


Hey @LoganAllan

Can you update the name and logo on this one please? “HMRC VAT” or similar would be great as it would differentiate it from other HMRC DDs.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/hmrcgovuk
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/HMRC

I’ve also submitted some others, the longest one being almost 3 weeks ago, that still hasn’t been updated. Is it best to send them to you, or resubmit them in the app?


All done - should reflect shortly


Sorted the HMRC DD.

If it’s in the queue, then it will get sorted. We don’t spend time on that queue as it’s seen as a lower priority. Whenever we get time, we’ll work through it


Hi @LoganAllan

Could you update the logo for Usio Energy Supply please? Thanks.

Website: usioenergy.com
Twitter: twitter.com/usio_energy


All done - should reflect shortly