Update Vendors


Yup I’ve noticed the same thing. Seems a bit silly that posts here get picked up when the in-app system doesn’t!


Updated - it should display correctly now


@LoganAllan - Thanks. It’s there but it’s no where near centralised? This plays havoc with my OCD traits. Any chance it can be centralised please.


I’ve updated it to be the website logo rather than the Twitter logo, is it a bit better?


@LoganAllan - nope looks exactly the same and not centralised. It should have a white border all the way around. I’ve attached the logo above.


Ok, I’ve updated it as per the image above. It may take a while to display on your app


@LoganAllan - not sure what’s happened here. It’s not changed at all and still looks rubbish.


Ah ok, it will update soon enough. It’ll pull the new logo shortly


Thanks. It’s usually almost instant and not a couple of hours. Apologies for pestering you about it.


@LoganAllan I submitted a couple last night, any chance you could have a look please?


Sure, can you just name the merchants? I’ll then check the queues


I submitted an improvement for Away earlier this week but that’s also sat in the queue somewhere I assume…


Thanks @LoganAllan. They’re currently listed as “Sc” and “Kip Hill Services London”.


My direct debit payments to Tesco Bank are still just displaying as “Tesco”, despite the direct debit details in “Scheduled” correctly showing as “Tesco Bank”.

Can this bug please be resolved? My old bank, NatWest, always used to label them correctly as “Tesco Bank”. And it’s annoying not being able to easily differentiate between grocery transactions and credit card payments.


I see they were for location improvements - I’ve accepted those. Would you like a name change done as well?


I’ll follow up with an engineer when I can to see what options we have here. I’ll be able to update you once I have one


Isn’t it either name and location together, or logo? The two are completely wrong - name, location and logo! Usually I submit the name/location change and the correct logo appears. I submit logo changes when the name and location are already correct.


You are correct. I haven’t used that side of the merchant system in months so I probably didn’t change it correctly. Sorry about that. I’ll take a look now.

Just to confirm, should the Kip Hill be Esso? What was the correct merchant name for ‘SC’?


Yes @LoganAllan, Kip Hill is Esso and the other one, Sc, is a Premier store. I can submit them again if that helps? Just let me know.


Ok, the Esso one should be correct now. I’ve grouped SC under Premier but the location has been distorted because of Curve