Update Vendors


Transaction entries with vendor details which require updating - for if you’ve been waiting longer than a week after using submit details mechanism.

Apologies if I’m just being too keen on getting my transactions updated; could we get an official turn around time on how long updates should take. So we know when to pester you and when not to?


“Central Bar” in Cardiff city centre, URL: https://www.jdwetherspoon.com/pubs/all-pubs/wales/cardiff/the-central-bar-cardiff. Needs title update so it’s not all in caps, and updated logo.


Highleadon filling station, they don’t have a website presence but they’re a currently a “Texaco” garage located at GL18 1HJ. The location at the moment is a church - not even the same road. Logo update too please.


Don’t know this Co-Ope brand :joy:. This is just a local Co-Op food shop in Newent, other Co-Op shops I’ve used are listed as "Co-op Food"so maybe list as that with the Co-Op logo please?


The name and located are correct for Can Eat, just needs a logo please. Website URL: http://www.caneat.co.uk , can’t find a Facebook or Twitter presence.


Known as “Loaf” if you’re just going into the shop, they do a degree of social enterprise work but primarily they are a bakery. So name update and logo please.

URL: http://loafonline.co.uk
Facebook: @loafonline
Twitter: @loafonline


I tend to find this feature is pretty much neglected now and we only get a flurry of updates when threads like this appear. So maybe that means we’ll now have another flurry?


I have also noticed the updates seems to have stopped again. I had a few corrected, then sent a few more in over a week ago. No sign of anything further being updated though.

There should be someone dedicated to doing these updates. Real time notifications is one of Starling’s big selling points but the transaction data needs to be spot on. I would like to get to the point where improvements and corrections submitted by customers are handled same-day.


Agreed, we used to have a thread for submitting the updates (don’t know if you were around then) and after a shaky start it appeared there was someone dedicated to the task as we got to a point where they were being done within minutes consistently (except at the weekends where it took a bit longer).

Since the “new and improved” way of doing it, it’s never been updated as promptly as it was as when we had the active forum thread which seems a massive step backwards. I don’t think there’s really been any updates since @LoganAllan had a little splurge in this thread:


The merchants you raised have been improved :+1:t3:

As for:

I’ll check on that


@LoganAllan Is it just the ones submitted here by @Mike_Chorlton that have been updated? I’ve submitted various changes over the last couple of weeks that haven’t been updated yet.


Was about to say the same thing!


I’ve also submitted several


I quickly did the ones that Mike outlined above. We do have members of the team working through the improvements submitted by everyone, but do keep in mind that we weren’t able to update merchants for a good while so the backlog is noticeable.

That being said, since I last did merchant updates, this was back when we had that thread of update requests a few days ago, the list of logo and location improvements has shrunk considerably so it’s only a matter of time until all of the improvements get done :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks @LoganAllan, I’m a lot happier knowing this is back on the agenda. Being able to make sense of my bank statement is a heck of a lot easier when I see a understandable name than a random string of characters and numbers :smile:


@LoganAllan I’ve got a transaction which doesn’t give an option for updating / improving the vendor?

The vendor is ”The Turks Head” on St Agnes, Scilly Isles. Can’t find a website but their Facebook is https://facebook.com/TurksHeadStAgnes/ . Think you could solve why there’s no update vendor option and update the name details etc please.


All done! There isn’t a logo but I changed the name and added the location :+1:t3:


Thanks Logon. Did you manage to figure out why there wasn’t an improve vendor option?


I didn’t figure out why, but I will try to find the cause :slightly_smiling_face:


No-one from Starling replied to my question last week about how to update Direct Credits? The icons used to be fine, but disappeared this month.