Update on Today's Card Issues


I wanted to assure you that Starling is doing everything possible to minimise any impact you might currently be experiencing with your card.

As I write, some of our amazing Starling engineers are working directly at the premises of our supplier, GPS, to ensure that Starling customers continue to enjoy all the benefits we offer.

In addition, Starling has back-up services in place which means that less than 1 in 5 transactions are impacted. This is due mainly to the fact that we provide debit cards not pre-paid cards. We have been advised that the card issues this week have probably been caused by one particular pre-paid card issuer being unable to respond effectively in peak times.

We will continue to update you when we have more information.



Thank you for the update @anne


Thanks for the update. Highly appreciated! :+1::grinning:


Thank you

I’ve learnt quite a bit this evening regarding GPS


@anne obviously not great all the issues over last few days.
I must commend you for coming on here and providing the update. If more CEOs followed this, companies would have greater profits and happier customers.


And GPS, like most 2nd level (non customer-facing) service providers, provides precisely nothing when it comes to transparency or taking responsibility for issues. They’ll let their customers (i.e. Starling and the others) take the heat, and continue the boasts on their twitter feed.


Excellent to see the updates, explanations and resolutions being provided today. Well played Starling on addressing user concerns raised the past couple of days :+1:t4:


Thanks @anne for taking the time as a CEO to come and apologise about the outages which are out of your hands.


Thanks Anne - appreciate the CEO reaching out - one of the reasons why at the end of the day I love Starling !


No names… Revolut cough


Appreciate the update!

Sounds like GPS need to either boot that customer or at least change their systems so that one provider doesn’t create a bad experience for everyone else, something I’m sure some of Starling’s talent will be able to help them with!


Does GPS stand for General Payment Strife or something?


Appreciate the update @anne :+1:


@anne you forgot to apologies!


Please accept my apologies for the inconvenience to our customers today. I will keep you updated as we make progress.


Everyone that I’ve referred has been told that they are effectively beta testers but they are keen on the fact that Starling will provide something that they want when it comes to a healthier financial life.

Get payments migrated to fully in-house and I think we’re golden!

I noticed the tube barrier took a good few seconds earlier which confused me but it did let me through eventually. Not sure that’s related as I thought all that stuff was deferred.


Thanks for the update @anne. I appreciate it is frustrating when the issue is out of your hands, and are waiting for it to be resolved.


This is making some pretty big assumptions isn’t it? Firstly, that in-house is necessarily more reliable; and secondly, that all the features we customers want and currently have can be provided in-house.

Companies, institutions and even governments outsource mission-critical functions all the time, and not just to save money. Think about corporate email systems, just for starters…


Well you’d expect a much faster response to issues with in house systems with the right expertise. I appreciate that building high availability infrastructure is expensive so it’s probably why outsourcing some or all of it makes sense right now.

I have experience being at the mercy of third parties for critical systems and it’s not fun when it goes wrong. :smile: At the end of the day it’s your reputation on the line as far as most of your customers are concerned, not theirs.

Fingers crossed a solution is down the road…

I’m one of the lucky ones that hasn’t had any issues so far. :+1:


Monzo managed to ditch GPS for their current account. They saw the writing on the wall.

It may have cost them, but their destiny is in their own hands, not GPS’s.

Remains to be seen who is right.

P.s Monzo said their current account wasn’t affected (on their own system), just their prepaid cards on GPS.