Upcoming feature


Where can I see what’s next in the pipeline, I’ve just taken a butchers at the website and came across the roadmap “what’s coming up in the next 12 months” but that was dated 22nd June 2017, now strictly speaking that’s still within the 12 month period but I thought there would be something a bit more up to date, over the recent months there had been competitor updates from the likes of monzo, revolut and n26 and for me personally nothing too exciting from starling I know they have been working on the business account but that’s not of interest to me so it’s there anything to look at that’s next on the list to change this?


N26!? They did an announcement to say they planned to come to the UK and that is it. No other announcement’s despite being on their mailing list for details of their UK launch. Also the post they advertised for someone to launch their UK operation seems to still be opened and not yet filled.


I’ve signed up for their early access but yes not heard slot since