Upcoming Events


Is there a schedule available for upcoming events? Also are there any plans to host events outside of London? I am not too sure where the majority of the Starling user base is located but as someone outside of London it would be good to see.


Yeah, I’m up in the north east :slight_smile: We have electricity now so could host an event no problem :wink:


+1 for a North East event! :slight_smile:


North East London? or North East UK e.g. Aberdeen? :rofl:


There’s only one North East :laughing:


North East Wales? North East Scotland?


I refuse to take part in this madness.


Being from Scotland, I would love to see one north of the border but how realistic that is I have no idea


Fight your corner, Dan. Be a proud North Easterner…(NE Surrey?). :wink:


Haha, almost @Graham, just north of North East Surrey… by about 250 miles :joy:


Geography results

GCE O-level fail
CSE - grade 3

Forgiven ? :flushed:


Ok, forgiven :rofl: