Upcoming Direct Debit Notification


As banks are aware of outgoing Direct Debits and incoming BACS the day before they happen it would be useful to have this info available to me straight away.

Direct debit notifications
Upcoming Direct Debit Notificaton

First Direct has been doing this for some time. And RBS.


So do the direct debits in payments only ever show what the last payment amount was?


They’re viewable: On the upcoming payment screen, select a DD and there is an option to select “View Transaction History” this will show you your previous transactions. (I’d show you but only have one payment for each of my DD’s currently. :stuck_out_tongue: )


For example with my salary due next Monday I’d find it useful and reassuring to be able to see tomorrow (Friday) that the payment will be credited Monday, given that Starling will know this.


Picking up from @thom_horne, here’s a couple of screenshots from a direct debit with the historical transactions shown after tapping the button at the bottom of the screen:

Just be aware Starling does not give you advance sight of any salary credits to your account (even if they know they’re coming). They tend to drop in to your account a smidgen after midnight. So if you are expecting to be paid on Monday, 30 October, the first you’ll hear and see it is at about 12.01am on the Monday morning.


This would be especially useful until direct debits can be put against goals. I was paid yesterday, moved all the big bills that come out on the 1st to goals and will need to remember to put them back on the 31st so they don’t bounce.

A reminder the day before would be good :slight_smile:


Yeah I’ve seen all that. I was referring to them not showing what is about to be taken out. I’m not overly fussed if they don’t show that though. Mine are identical payments except for PayPal and my phone bill.


Ace, thanks @Rob :smile:


Great suggestion @Ben10 - I’ll share it with the team! :slight_smile:


I’ve just noticed that an existing direct debit and one that was part of a switch both now say last payment November 1st and the amount they will take out. I can now see the usefulness of that. :ok_hand:


Hi all,

We have been working on adding these notifications to let you know when a Direct Debit is due and you have insufficient funds. You’ll receive,

When a DD is due tomorrow,
“Your payment to Service User for £XX.XX is due tomorrow”

When a DD is due but you have insufficient funds,
“Your payment to Payee Name for £XX.XX is due tomorrow. Add money today to make payment.”

This should be released to our platform later this week. (I wouldn’t recommend missing your DD payments to test it though!)



That’s great news! :+1:


Not sure if this has been suggested before but i think it would be a good idea if we could get a notification of a direct debit going out say 24 hours in advance. Would save looking in your scheduled payments daily to see if any payments are due out. This is especially true with Paypal when there are no fixed payment dates.


Good idea @Paul_Bromley, I like it.


Good idea!


Yep I requested this months ago plus early notification of incoming BACS e.g. salary.

But best to have low expectations when making suggestions on here (i.e. none). :wink:


Yeah just got a notification about DVLA, quite nice to know :slight_smile:


Starling’s reaction speed certainly seems slower than I would have thought :frowning:


It’s worth bearing in mind that a “good idea” will still have to join the 100’s of ideas already floating about - When you add in the discussion, implementation and development… You are usually talking months… not weeks.

But yes - This is a good idea!