Unknown, Fraudulent Transactions


Got woken up earlier this morning to 2 unknown transactions for some gambling website. Anyone else had any fraudulent activities on there account? How did Starling do in reacting to the situation?

I’ve spoken with live chat unfortunately they can’t do anything until the next business day. This has now left me £100 out of pocket :frowning:


Have you frozen your card to make sure nothing else comes out?


Yeah I have frozen it. Worrying that the transactions have came from Spain.


Hey, I had my wallet stolen a few months back and my contactless card was used a few times before I woke up to see the notification and could cancel the card.

Startling dealt with it brilliantly in comparison to Barclays who had also been used. Starling refunded my money the following business day- Barclays took 4 weeks as I had to complete a paper form and post it back to them which as usual got lost in the post and an email couldn’t be taken.

Starling also delivered my new card on the Tuesday so I was only without a card for one business day which was awesome- I would recommended getting a new card rather than just freezing it as nothing stopping it being used in the future if you keep the same card number.

The merchant did present the rejected card transactions again (after the card had been cancelled) using the same transaction iD so I had to contact Starling again and again the CS team dealt with it very quickly and efficiently- this was the main reason I switched my DDs and salary from Barclays. Didn’t do a full switch as I have to get some coins every now and again to pay dog walkers etc and need the branch.


Nice endorsement, Grant.


Hi @Steve_Martin - hope this has all been dealt with now?


If you are on iOS you should be able to provision your replacement card to ApplePay before it arrives.


All sorted. Ages ago I sent my mate details of my card so he could put a bet on for me. He’s currently in Spain and accidentally used my card as it was saved on his account. I jumped the gun a little bit. New card on its way regardless


I have had the same issue when my card was stolen whilst I was traveling. I locked my card and only used Apple Pay whilst always reported it to the bank as soon as I relived it was gone and gave information of the transactions and yet no infomtion what so ever not even been refunded as it states on the following website https://www.fca.org.uk/consumers/unauthorised-payments-account

No phone number not very good service at all via the app still waiting and now I’m in more financial difficulty due to this and no one seems to be concerns very very awful service.


Hi Carl, account and card security is important to us.
Sorry to hear your card was stolen.
We have this open as a complaint from you, and are still investigating this.
We will come back to you in the app this afternoon.
You can call us straight from the app Customer Service section if needed, but shouldn’t have to as we are working on this right now.


I believe that this should be delt with soon as per a previous comment on here someone managed to get their money back next business day and that would be in my case today but I have been told wait till 5pm failing that I will be setting out to look at other options