Uniting the Justice League (Android Pay)


I’ve already managed to unlock all of the Justice League characters as part of the Android Pay tie-in within the first day and a half. :tada:

A testament to how much I use and love Android Pay and using Starling I guess? :smile:


Eurgh! I didn’t know this was a thing and I’ve used it today. :unamused:

But I know now!!!:grin::grin:

Thank you. This is my new quest.


I’m a little disappointed that you don’t get anything for completing the set though. :frowning:


I agree. A car would be nice. Or a TV. :sunglasses:


Or a car with TV’s in the head rests?

Seriously though, a congratulations screen at the least would have been nice.


I’ll do it just for fun, but would be nice to get something.