Unhappy with Starling Experience


As first impressions go, I was initially very impressed with Starling Bank, however over the past week this has all changed.

The account is still very new, however I have found myself in the unfortunate position of having fraud on my account.

I contacted Starling Bank about the transactions and this is when the worse customer service I have ever received started.

Starling Bank refused to do anything regarding the fraudulent activity or accept any kind of responsibility like a mainstream bank would, leaving me in a terrible position.

I therefore asked to speak to a manager, and the first time got through to one, who then in turn ended the chat on me for no valid reason.

I therefore went back onto another chat and asked to speak to a manager again, understandbly already frustrated. I then got refused SIX times by a very rude customer agent, who kept copying and pasting what the previous manager said, but contradicting his reasons for refusing me to speak to a manager. Eventually he put me though after I explained he had no valid reason to refuse the request as it was not an unreasonable request and I was not being rude.

I then proceeded to have around a two hour chat with nothing being sorted and again the second manager ending the chat for no reason other than it hit 6pm, so I can only assume it was the end of their shift.

Has anyone else experienced very poor service when I comes to reporting fraud or with the customer agents and managers general customer service attitude?

I have also made them aware multiple times of an illness I have, and each time I have mentioned it Starling Bank have refused to even acknowledge the illness or add any notes to my account, again like a mainstream bank would.

I have been left £200 short out my account, in a terrible financial position and feeling like no one cares and my money is not protected.

At first I was very hopefully they were a bank on the edge of great things and positive changes, however I now feel I am with a very naive bank who does not care about customer service.

General Feedback: First impressions

@StarlingSupport are you able to shed some light and help @Daniel_89 regarding his account.


Hi Gallifreyangirl,

I’m not hopeful of any help after an overall of 10 chats and multiple messages, I’ve been made to feel like I’m a problem and no one at Starling Bank believes me. Apart from my money being safe the most important thing to me is customer service and their has been a failure on both of these.


@Gallifreyangirl @StarlingSupport I also did raise a complaint on Wednesday and was told it would be passed to the complaints department, however after three days I’ve not even received an acknowledgment from the complaints team that there looking into anything. Another failure.


Hi Daniel, thank you for raising this with us. We will be reaching out now via the app to ask for further information. We want to help.


@StarlingSupport Sending a message on here stating you want to help, but then sending a private message stating you need information I can’t, and have previously made you aware three times I can not provide and if I can’t provide it to you, you will not be able to help is contradicting. It appears you have a very good system of appearing to be helpful here on the community forums, but behind closed doors do not want to help. The amount of times I’ve been told you want to help, but have not is alarming.


@StarlingSupport You have also offered an apology that my illness has not been recorded with you sooner. This is an admission of liability in the shortfall of customer service.

I think it’s important for me to continue to bring this to the attention of the community because I think it’s important for existing and potential new customers to see the bad and shortfalls you have as a company, as well as people highlighting the good.


@StarlingSupport It has now come to light as a business you are only interested in putting customer complaints about service and poor customer experience to rest based on the outcome of any investigation into disputed transactions, two different situations.

This is a bizarre attitude to take, I have raised a separate complaint about customer advisors attitude, chats been ended and ignored information to name a few.

Starling Bank has a lot to learn still and my recommendation right now would to be bank elsewhere.


@Daniel_89 I think you have made your point.


@Joe_Merriman This is the same attitude that has been taken from day one, when Starling bank doesn’t like something that’s been said and problems being highlighted they try and cut the customer short. You can’t hide from poor customer service. Maybe as a Guru you could have taken that chance to provide a more useful comment.


Fair point and I agree I should have made a more useful comment, so for that I apologise. I hope your concerns are resolved shortly.


@Joe_Merriman @StarlingSupport I accept your apology, some people may not agree with me taking my issues ‘public’ however I feel like I’ve been left with no choice.

I would like to think my concerns will be resolved, but I highly doubt it. The relationship between Starling Bank and myself has been damaged and my trust has been broken. I would like to think Starling Bank would resolve this today, however they were quick to break FCA guidelines but now want to hide behind them, so I doubt anything will be resolved at all.


Daniel, I have just contacted the team to ensure that we are handling your complaint properly. I have been fully briefed on the matter. Anne Boden CEO.


Hope you get a resolution soon @Daniel_89


@Anne Thank you for your attention on this matter. I know personally how hard it can be to establish a new bank as when M&S Bank was established I was recruited as a branch assistant in the first branches built to help it get on its feet, from this I went onto work for the Ombudsman Services so also know how complaints work and how customer service should work and the expectations. I myself have always put the customers first and done everything I can to help my customers, but the same can not be said here.

The customer experience and journey I have experienced really has been below par. The complaint about the transactions aside, my complaint regarding my customer experience and journey is alarming. No one should ever have to argue with a customer agent and request to speak to a manager six times (as an example) or have the same sentence copied and pasted to them during a chat while the agent ignored questions asked of them (another example).

I really was hoping I would recieve contact and have this issue resolved today so we can all move forward and start building bridges and a customer relationship but as expected no response or resolution has been reached today. Very disappointed, but this is what I now expect.

Thank you @danmullen whilst not hopeful the ball is now well and truly in their court.


Anne’s contribution to the community is another refreshing example of what makes Starling so different from your typical high street bank.

All banks and firms have customer service issues, but you normally have their CEOs safely hidden from any customer interaction behind their solid office walls. However, Starling’s CEO is on here during her weekend break responding to an issue and promising it will be actioned.

It is these small things that make me know, Starling is the bank most people are crying out for!


@MIROW I agree with you, Starling Bank is very different to your typical high street Bank, and if I refer back to my very first comment at the end I did mention that I believed Starling Bank was on the edge of great things and positive changes, but my perception currently has been changed. It’s up to Starling Bank to now build bridges, and hopefully @anne can lead by example and her staff will be behind her and learn from her.

I also agree that Anne has offered great customer service and has taken a step beyond. This however in my own job role is exactly what I do, if you strive to go beyond what is expected this is how you become the best. However in my opinion I think a number of individuals within Starling Bank need to take a leaf out of Anne’s book, maybe further customer service and customer experience training is what is missing.

And whilst she is promising it will be looked into properly, the issues still remain outstanding. If i was dealing with my own case in Starling Bank I would certainly be taking ownership now and ensuring the customer had an acceptable outcome today. Whilst the standard complaint procedure under FCA guidelines does state 8 weeks, when I dealt with people in need reaching out I always made sure the customers issues were resolved the same day, but maybe that’s why I was known within my company as a very good agent.

And @MIROW what may appear as a small thing to some now, is currently a big thing to myself right now. I always say that customer agents should put themselves in the customers shoes and think how would they feel if they where in the same position.



“We have no departments here, we have people working together to make things happen.”

A very interesting quote from the BBC news article http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-wales-43217524

It does appear that BBC News have taken a very big interest into the developments of Starling Bank.

Whilst I appreciate their is a lot of good news surrounding Starling Bank and a buzz of excitement in the articles, this experience currently does not link with the above quote.

I feel like a brick wall has been hit and things are not in fact happening. Currently contemplating how much time I give and how much more I can take before making my issues known further a field. Also completing closing my account, however will hold of from this as I know Starling Bank are probably hoping I do close my account and will no longer be their problem.


@Daniel_89. I’m sure everyone is sorry to hear that you have reportedly experienced fraudulent activity on your account, and disappointed you have not receiced the level of customer service expected. Let’s not forget that no person or organisation is perfect.

You have made your point and you have also received a personal commitment from the CEO to look into your case. You wouldn’t get that from a mainstream bank. May I suggest this community forum is not the place to continue airing your frustrations of your personal case.

I hope there is a speedy resolution and you then become one of the thousands of highly satisfied Starling customers.


@Paul_Offer Thank you for your comments, which I do take under advice, however I would not need to air my personal frustrations on a case in the community if the level of expected customer service had been reached in the first place and issues resolved.

You have just said yourself this is a community forum where people can freely post there own experiences and feelings, and just because my experiences and feelings don’t match that of the majority doesn’t mean mine are any less valid.

People have a right to know when things go wrong and someone is experiencing issues, just as people have a right to know when Starling Bank have done something right and it’s a good experience, as I imagine most of your posts regard. I’m sure it’s easy to pass judgement when everything is going right and you have money in your account.