Underdogs, seamless experiences and a new mobile network



Hello all,

Not much of a forum’er myself, but I wanted to share something I’ve been working on…

Starling has been a saviour with my current project. Years ago, I remember opening a business account with a high-street bank, and… let’s just say it was painful. Meetings, phone calls, piles of paper and too much time… But it was delightful to open an account here, and whenever I find people complaining about the usual suspects I send them this way.

Anyway… last year, I had a horrible customer service experience with a big mobile network. And without much digging, it turned out I wasn’t alone. Friends & family getting screwed by confusing or hidden pricing, waiting on the phone for too long… sound familiar?

So I decided to start my own network, Zevvle. One that’s built for you, with transparent pricing that doesn’t screw you over and useful support (if you need it…). We’re launching later this year on EE with sim-only plans, and if you’re anything like me I’d recommend you sign up. There are also our iOS and Android apps that recently went live…

Even better, get your friends involved — we’re offering a month on us (up to 12, of course) for every person you refer that orders a SIM. Just give them your link after signing up! And before you ask…

Are we the cheapest?

We can’t compete on rock-bottom pricing without the scale of other companies. Having said that, I’m very confident pricing will come down. We’ll do our best to delight everywhere else! :tada:

Thank you Starling for making this easier, and thank you to all the people in the community. :slight_smile:

Any questions let me know, and have a great week’s end,

Nick :rocket:


Looks interesting - I’ll look into it.


I did have a look at this but I don’t see how you will compete with three. Obviously ee has a better network but there’s not really much in it these days.

The new smarty network by three will also cause you problems.

I understand what you mean about dealing with networks, my experience with Vodafone was absolute hell. I have to be honest three have been amazing so I don’t see me switching to your network. Don’t see any benefit especially with go binge now on three.

Just being honest. I wish you all the best though and will follow your progress!


9 days too late. Presumably teal is second rate to garish pink for Zevvle… :wink:


I’ve never understand why companies want to launch an incomplete product though, only on iOS, always makes me move on and generally never go back for a new start up, shows me they are doing things the same way as everyone else.

Good luck with it though, it’s a competitive market nowadays so will be interesting to see what you can do differently.

Lots of similar companies about, that promise transparent pricing. Simple pricing is a good thing though. Assuming everyone just wants data is going to be off putting, you need to make it clear about unlimited calls and texts, so calling a plan Data doesn’t really explain that, yes I can see it says its not just data, but people often just glance and move on.


We chatted earlier - I’ve downloaded your app and I’ll wait to see how your product launches. Good luck!


Of course, and thank you for the feedback. If it ain’t broke don’t fix it, but I know there are plenty who’ve had awful experiences… Thank you!


I feel you. Couple things… 1) we haven’t actually launched, and when we do it won’t be incomplete, and 2) having developed for iOS in the past, Android naturally takes me a little longer… sorry :confused:

Good point, will fix. Thank you :slight_smile:


I see you are using EE. Will you offer full speed data (up to 150 Mbit) or restricted speed?

Also, WiFi calling and tethering?



I actually like the idea! From what you were saying at the other place it looks like you’ve got a good proposition and have really thought about what you’re doing. I registered interest a few days back.


Unfortunately EE limit access to their high-speed network for MVNO’s… We’ll have 40Mbps down/20Mbps up.

Tethering, yes (without limit). WiFi calling is on the roadmap, but we can’t offer it from day 1.

Oh thank you! I didn’t realise :blush: and ‘garish pink’ – is that actually how it looks? It should be bold red :scream:


Best of luck with your new mvno, hope it goes well for you


By garish pink, i meant that i’d seen your post at the ‘Hot Coral’ community hahaha! As much as they may give it a fancy name, it’s just an ugly shade of garish pink to me! I was joking that it took you 9 days after your post there to come over and see us here! :joy::joy::joy:


Thank you! :smiley:

OH! Totally misunderstood, my bad :joy: I do want an awesome colour for our SIMs though…

Slow and steady! Iron out any issues before introducing more people :wink:


That’s a little unfortunate. Do you envision that situation changing?


I’m not 100% sure, and it’s a complete guess, but I’d imagine a typical MVNO customer most probably would prioritise cost before increases network performance.


This is a duplication from Monzo community


…so for those of us who don’t frequent said place, it’s a useful conversation…


It would be better if the OP made it a bit more interesting to at least try and give it the illusion of not being advertising.


I actually private messaged @nbgoodall and asked him some questions about his new network. I also suggested that he post what he did because there’s some real parallels with Starling. Maybe he would have done this anyhow, but I most definitely suggested it.


Oh I see. So you saw it elsewhere.