Under 18's Accounts


I first started banking at 11 years old, I remember going into Lloyds Bank with my mum and proudly opening a young spenders account. Four years on, I thought to myself, there has to be something better than this. My card isn’t even contactless and the mobile app is dreadful! That’s where I found the futuristic world of mobile banking. The only problem, no accounts for under 18’s. I know it’s on the way but what has been requested for these accounts in the forum don’t really appeal to anyone but parents with kids under the age of 12. I understand why you would want full parental control/parental notifications/dumb card that can be enabled by parent. That’s ok for a 9-13 year old, but teenagers do not want their parents having full control over there bank accounts. Bank accounts for under 18’s are about teaching kids how to use money and how banking works, we cannot do this with our parents looking over our shoulders constantly. There should definitely be an option for the non helicopter parents, I couldn’t imagine my parents switching to Starling in the near future so an under 18’s account as a standalone account would make sense. With a normal bank account or cash, my parents wouldn’t have complete control of what I buy when I’m out with my friends. Let kids be kids, learn from their own mistakes and have freedom!
Also, if you ever need a beta tester for Under 18’s accounts, I’ll be more than happy to test for you! :slight_smile:


Hi Josh!

You might be interested in what @lucas is working on :wink:

You can check out more about the subject in this thread:


Hey Josh!

I’m currently working on young person’s current accounts here at Starling, and I couldn’t agree with you more. I really feel your frustration around the existing offerings for young people from traditional high street banks, which is why I’m so keen for us to enter this space. I also believe that it is incredibly important for young people to have the ability to manage their own money independently. However, I also understand why some parents may want to oversee their child’s finances - I think that there is a balance between the two that needs to be struck.
Thank you for sharing your perspective - it’s really useful to hear your views on the matter! :slight_smile:

As @LoganAllan mentioned, I’d keep an eye on this thread about young person’s accounts:


Just to add my tuppence worth - as a happy Starling customer with two children under 18 I would be delighted to introduce two new customers to you as soon as possible!


School trip abroad

I started smart banking with Revolut for travel purposes due to Lloyds 2.99% per transaction. I have switched to Starling for various reasons and I’m very happy with it.

I am forced to look at sending my 14 year old daughter to Berlin with my old Revolut (and hope it works) as there is not yet an account with Starling (or anyone else in Smart banking?) for under 18s. I would rather not send her with currency in her pocket.

Please do take this as another huge ‘yes’ to a teen account.

I look forward to updates and thank you.