Unable to sign back up to app



For some reason my app started crashing and it was showing my personal balance in my joint account. It then had trouble logging into app and hanging.

Rebooted phone a couple of times and the menu started turning white etc.

Deleted app.
Reinstalled it.
Now when signing back up I choose option I don’t have my phone. Entered mobile and get error “server error registering mobile”.

So unable to login into Starling.

@LoganAllan @StarlingSupport any ideas?

Latest version of iOS and app.


We’re looking into this. One moment please!


It looks like Starling is down.

I am getting 503 Server is at Capacity errors.

Not good.


Same! :frowning:


Just updated on Android. Get that 503 error thing. Summary is empty. Payee screen is empty. Buggy AF.


Uh oh. :confused:


New app - I have lost my balance - shows zero, and lost card details for feeding money into starling with no option to add it back



Same here, also couldn’t authorise card for payment!


500 and 503 errors keep popping up here; seems to be some downtime.

I am using version on Android.