Unable to open a Business Account


So despite being a LTD Company 1 PSC the app just says thank for Registering your interest. CS have advised some business are having this issue and the Business team will need to resolve this, but when? I would like to transfer my business account before the free period at my legacy bank expires otherwise I’ll be hit with monthly fees etc.

Has anyone else this issue?

PS no issues opening my personal account.


Hi Gordon,

@jasonwilkinsonbrown might be able to help you out a bit?


Fairly new to the Bank & Community so not sure who they are :slight_smile:


Jason looks after the business accounts at Starling.


Thanks for that :slight_smile:


Hi @Gordon_Dack. Sorry, have been away sick. Can you let me know if you have spoken to our CS team and also DM me your company name?



Hi, yes I’ve spoken to them. Company name Friendly Hosting Online Ltd.

CS thought we had a solution, but seems not as yet.


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