Unable to log on to community using Twitter


Does anyone know what is causing this issue? I am unable to log on using Twitter both on Windows/IE and Mac/Safari. I’m currently logged in using Chrome but wary of logging out in case this issue arises. Tried reaching out to Starling on Twitter hours ago but no reply :computer:

Edit: pop ups are not blocked


Internet Explorer! I thought that was obsolete, and replaced by Edge?


Work laptop, limited to 8.1 and IE only unfortunately.


I’m getting this also, so it needs looking at, but what works for me is trying to log in via twitter, getting this message, then clicking to log in using facebook, and it then goes straight through and logs in with twitter. Clearly not whats supposed to happen but it seems to get me logged in at least.


Doesn’t work for me! @StarlingSupport? :man_shrugging:t2:


Oh! Well, i tried lol!


Hey @Jai

We’ll get this looked into and give you a shout once we know more :+1:t3:


Thanks Logan, I appreciate it :grinning:


I’m sure @jai won’t mind me letting you know, he can’t log in at all now :scream:


Thanks @BethS! So clearing cookies didn’t work? O.K! We’re on the case and will try to find out more about what specifically is causing this error.


I’ve tried clearing cookies this morning on my iPhone/Safari and still getting the same message. I’ll try doing the same on my laptop when I get to work.

Thanks btw @BethS :grinning:


Clearing cache and cookies on the laptop doesn’t work either. This seems to be quite a significant issue? I’ve now tried across Windows, Mac and iOS using Safari/IE/Chrome.

Why isn’t there a simple username and password like Monzo, instead of using connected accounts? :man_facepalming:t2:


Was just about to say the same. Please just enable the ability for us to register for a forum account, like nearly every other forum on the internet! It’ll be much more reliable than forcing us to use third party accounts.


Hi @Jai,

Thanks for confirming - I’ll follow this one up for you today!

Let us know if you have any luck on your laptop in the meantime. :computer:


Great news! This is now fixed. Could you try logging in with your Twitter again @Jai? Thanks for your patience! :slight_smile:


Yay I’m back! Thanks for resolving so quickly, @JamesPratley! :computer:


No problem! :slight_smile: